Thursday, October 16, 2008

I heart etsy

BROOKE CLOSE YOUR EYES!! and cover Aayla's
I visit a lot of websites everyday. Etsy is always a stop on my list. I have just purchased a stuffy for my friends daughter and I wanted to share her here. Isn't she cute. I was thinking to myself "I would love to make a bear like this...hmm.... " Then I was at the grocery store trying to find a copy of Canadian Family. Yes I still don't have one, and I saw the holiday issue of Martha Stewart, and she has toys made from sweaters in it. Looks like I found some patterns! YAY!

If you like the stuffy above go check out the POGO shop!

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Siayla said...

Ooops! I looked but boy is it cute! can't wait to see it :) Funny I was looking at some sweater creatures the other day too :) Can't wait to see the ones you try.