Monday, September 22, 2008

Do you want a custom doll?

I know it is only the end of September but... I just wanted to let you all know that custom dolls are available through Natural Pod for Christmas!

It does take a little bit of time for me to make them, so I wanted to metion it now. If you are interested in a custom doll please feel free to email me at
or you can contact Natural Pod at

There are a number of options available for your doll

Hair Color: Black, Dark Brown, Light Brown, Red, Orange, Bright Blonde (Yellow), Light Gray or Dark Gray

Hair Style: Pony tails ( one or two), Round low buns, Round high buns, Low "curly" buns (one or two) High "curly" buns (one or two), Two pointed Ponytails

Eye Color: Blue, Brown, Green, or Black

Eyes: Open, Smiling, or Sleepy

Skin tone: Light, Medium, Dark

Dress Color: You can send me a basic color choice and I will find something cute for you. If you have anything in mind specifically I can see what I can do.

Legs: Striped, Polka Dots, Solid Color. Usually I just pick something that goes well with the dress, I really like stripes!

I have already done a few custom doll for this season, and it was so much fun!

Okay thats it! If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. :)

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Cathy said...

Your dolls are awesome! I have sent you an email regarding a doll for my daughter Courtney.